GulfHost 2017 to showcase foodservice trends

by Crystal Chesters | Published 10 months ago

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GulfHost will provide a platform to discover provide a platform to discover the latest hospitality and foodservice trendsThe inaugural GulfHost 2017 is set to provide a platform to discover the latest hospitality and foodservice trends, innovations and world class products.

Taking place on 18 – 20 September at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), the dedicated hospitality equipment and foodservice expo for the Middle East brings together international industry suppliers and buyers.

Trends currently driving innovation in F&B globally will be showcased during GulfHost 2017. Here are some of the highlights:

Smart kitchens
Investing in new technologies gives restaurant owners the opportunity to take control of energy costs, improve workflow and create a safe and ergonomic workspace. Leading exhibitors at GulfHost such as Rational, Alto-Shaam, HEKO and Welbilt will be showcasing the latest technology to offer excellent energy performance and low operating costs. For instance, the HEKO smart kitchen constantly monitors the working environment through a computerised system to guarantee high efficiency. The trend for food transparency has also resulted in more ‘open kitchens’, creating a need for kitchen fittings to be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Hygiene and storage are two much-needed elements in restricted kitchen space; the HEKO smart kitchen is tailor-made to suit the design of the restaurant, with smooth and hygienic surfaces and units built for practical storing capabilities.

Investing in back-of-house solutions at GulfHost

Investing in back-of-house solutions at GulfHost

Energy efficient systems
Energy efficient equipment can save restaurants a significant amount of money. One of the largest global leaders in the foodservice equipment industry, Ali Group, is exhibiting its ICHEF cooking line by Mareno. This is the first and only fully touch-controlled range of ovens and is an indispensable ally for the kitchen – allowing the chef to monitor the precise temperature of the oven at every moment. Compared to traditional systems, the ICHEF line produces energy cost reductions of up to 50%.

Multi-functional equipment
More restaurants are opting for multi-functional equipment to save space in the kitchen, and reduce time spent on manual labour. The SelfCookingCenter from Rational International Middle East, prepares fired and grilled dishes without any need for monitoring or checking. It even recognises the size of the meat pieces and the load size and applies the necessary settings by itself.  Restaurant and commercial kitchen supplier, Alto-Shaam, will also be exhibiting its Vector Multi-Cook Ovens, which offers up to four ovens in one for unmatched flexibility and superior evenness in cooking.

Dining trends
Top chefs are taking a new approach to dining to meet the demands of younger customers with a more adventurous palate, which has changed the way food is presented. Small plate menus enable diners to sample the menu and share the food, while eating from bowls is becoming an increasingly popular choice, led by the likes of poké, acai bowls and Korean bibimbap. This trend is reflective of a more causal lifestyle and is also presents extremely ‘instagrammable’ food for today’s social media-driven customers.

A memorable dining experience for front-of-house found at GulfHost

A memorable dining experience for front-of-house found at GulfHost

Long-lasting tableware
Well-designed, quality tableware complements décor and enhances customers’ experience, as well as adding longer-term savings. A.Ronai, the Middle East distributor for some of the world’s most prestigious brands in hospitality, brings the new Steelite ‘Scape’ dining collection, to GulfHost in September, offering elegantly styled table top elements that are also durable and long-lasting. The A-Z of dining solutions, including the practical to the stylish from leading industry suppliers RAK Porcelain and Venus Hotelware, among others will be showcased.

Smartphone technology
Smartphones are transforming the way restaurants interact with their customers. Today, nearly two-thirds of social media users in the Middle East regularly use social networks to get recommendations on products and services, according to research by leading consultancy firm, KPMG. La Marquise is leading the charge with its Folletto latte ‘smart art’ printer that aims to create an entirely new cafe culture. Customers send a picture from their phone to the coffee machine – in 20 seconds a chocolate-sprinkled graphic will create the ultimate art piece on their coffee. This presents an exciting opportunity to further personalise coffee for each customer with pictures, inspiring statements and humour – and is extremely shareable for social media.

Innovations at bar and counter at GulfHost

Innovations at bar and counter at GulfHost

Advanced scheduling
Saving time with advanced scheduling facilitates workflow and quicker service. Combining the best in technology and efficiency, the fully automotive coffee machine by La Marquise’s brand WMF launches during GulfHost. The WMF 9000S+ is a ten-inch touch screen coffee machine which gives baristas the flexibility to schedule drinks in advance during peak periods. The machine can be operated through the digital app “WMF CoffeeConnect”, providing the operator with optional and effective controlling technology. This holds data that can report valuable insights into consumer behaviour, such as customer’s favourite drinks, and can help with inventory management and service planning. La Marquise will also introduce innovative new products such as Gelato PopApp by IFI, a ready to use gelato shop and is the first of its kind in the world. The compact workstation encompasses spaces for the production of artisan gelato, its preservation, display and sale in a single environment.

Long product life-cycle
Finding equipment that is reliable and efficient can save money and help maintain quality. Spanish manufacturer Ascaso Barcelona’s ‘the Big Dream Espresso Machine’ has a long product lifecycle with no limescale build-up – which causes 70% of all repairs. The machine also uses 45% less energy than traditional machines, as less power is required to maintain temperature. Other exhibitors including Boncafe, Stree and Schaerer among others, will address the elements for bar and counter at GulfHost, including the latest innovative, efficient and durable equipment.



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