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by Mahak Mannan | Published 8 months ago

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Marcus Toft, area manager, Duni Middle East & Africa on sustainability in the packaging industry.

140811-Duni117494_fixHow would you explain sustainable packaging?

It is all about the materials used which makes packaging sustainable in the sense that they must not contribute to global warming, as opposed to plastics made from fossil oil. The raw material must be responsibly grown and harvested from an environmental perspective and all facts and characteristics of a product must be based on stringent testing, both internal and external.

What materials are used in sustainable packaging?

Our products are primarily made from plant-based materials like Bagasse- sugarcane by-product fibres, PLA or corn-starch, and paper which is wood from FSC certified forests.

What products does Duni offer under sustainable packaging?

In our ecoecho assortment we offer everything for take away needs. Boxes and plates from bagasse, cutlery in PLA, coffee cups and soup bowls in paper with PLA coating as well as PLA glasses and paper straws. We even have the world’s first round pizza box which is also made from bagasse. In addition to the packaging, all our napkins are compostable and carry the OK Compost label.

 Are you seeing a shift in demand towards sustainable packaging in the market? 

Certainly, this has been a trend over several years, but I feel that this year the trend has intensified, as several governments and worldwide hotel chains are implementing a no-plastic policy. Duni has been working systematically with sustainability for more than a decade and we are well prepared to react to the change in demand.

What are the benefits of sustainable packaging?

The biggest benefit is to reduce the stress on our planet. Furthermore, when buying products from the Duni ecoecho range you have additional aids without cutting back on other important features like quality, style, and safety.


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