Opinion: Delivering On Your Promise

by Mahak Mannan | Published 5 months ago

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JS Anand, founder and owner, LEVA Hotel Apartments, Dubai, on why a brand should think before they commit.

J S Anand, Founder, LEVA Hotels

J S Anand, founder, LEVA Hotels

A strong brand is built by the promises it keeps. The saying actions speak louder than words, holds so true when it’s time to deliver what is promised. Fulfilling commitments that you make to your customers should be the priority of a business that wants to build a trustworthy name for itself. I believe, the success of one’s business purely depends how effectively they have been able to deliver what they said they would and how exceptionally they have delivered it.

Below are some of the key factors that help propel a business closer to achieving their objective of being a trusted brand.

Keep it Real, Achievable and Realistic

Identify what constitutes as a promise for your brand. Ensure it is in line with your business ethos and reflects what your business stands for. Understand and evaluate all aspects of your business values, market positioning, and image that you would like to garner through your services. Make commitments that are real and achievable, don’t set expectations you can’t meet. Knowing how to set the right expectations, allows you to meet those expectations comfortably and in turn customers will know that they can trust what you communicate to them. Under promising and over delivering is a winner in most cases and allows a brand to evolve and understand its own strengths.

Put a Date to it

A commitment is no good if there is no due date or a deadline. Having a due date simply ensures that the customer knows when and what to expect from you, without leaving any room for ambiguity. In many cases ambiguity creeps in when there is a miscommunication on the due date which in turn reflects doubt and a lack of commitment on the part of the brand, which can spell disaster.

Be Transparent

A company should stay open and clear when dealing with their customers, employees, and stakeholders. It makes more room for good business relations which is highly conducive for a brand. Today, people can access information on the go, which enables them to see through any sort of false impressions that a company may try to convey. By trying to portray something that in untrue or false, a company has already failed to deliver on the grounds of sincerity, integrity, and trust.

Train your staff to the T

A very important step to get you closer to what your brand promises is to train your staff to the T. They are your biggest strength to ensure that your customers are taken care of and comforted in the best possible way. This helps create a strong and lasting impression on them. Their attitude and actions of your customer support team will make the customers aware of how much your brand values their business and speaks volumes of the overall management. Ensure your staff is trained as per the vision of your business and well equipped with the necessary knowledge and soft skills to perform their job efficiently.

Curate Experiences

Nothing says ‘Making you feel good is our priority’ better than giving your guests a well, thought-out experience that they will cherish long after their stay with you has concluded.  Gone are the days when making good on your promises meant simply taking care of basic amenities and designing an appealing exterior. Hospitality is becoming more about how at home can you actually make your guest feel. Creating an emotional experience helps change a customer’s perception about a company, they feel more connected and welcomed.

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