Rational launches three new products into market

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by Patrick Ryan | Published 11 months ago

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Rational has launched three new products that they are confident are going to shake up the market in the Middle East, Catering News Middle East spoke to the firm’s managing director Simon Parke-Davis to find out more…


 What is about your new product that sets it aside from others that are already on the market here?The five new products we have launched in the last 12 months are the new SelfCookingCenter and SelfCookingCenter XS 2/3GN, the CombiMaster Plus and CombiMaster Plus XS 2/3GN now with automatic cleaning as standard, the Rational VarioCooking Center multifunctional appliance and the latest incarnation of our cloud based ConnectedCooking 2.0.

With these products we can not only deliver the highest product quality, fastest ROI and most flexible kitchen, but also the safest, easiest and reliable support to deliver perfect cooking results and savings for our customers and their customer delivering on our promise of maximum “customer benefit”.

With great power, reliability and performance we are able to deliver perfect food items from 100% of all cuisines, but also delicate and sensitive products too, such as desserts and bakery items.

These can all be checked remotely using the ConnectedCooking 2.0 app on iOS, Android or the web from anywhere in the world. Showing you hygiene, operation, HACCP, access to 10,000 recipes and service reports or error notifications keeping you informed and up to speed on your business and your appliances wherever they may be and wherever you may be.

 How does it fit in with the ethos of Rational?

Rational is dedicated to delivering customer benefit as a top priority. We offer maximum possible benefits
to people who prepare hot food in large and commercial kitchens. Thus doing so we wish never to be beaten and therefore develop new products and tools or platforms to assist our customers in satisfying their daily needs and striving for excellence, always improving. To do this we chose three main points focus, specialisation and our employees to assist in this vision.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of operating to such an extent in the Middle Eastern region?

We never find or look for disadvantages in our markets, we look at these as more of an opportunity perspective or learning curve to better enhance the product and processes we have available to have a stronger and more sustainable relationships with both our customers and the intermediaries we support. Together we become stronger and more successful and faster at adapting to the market’s needs.

How would you describe Rational’s short and long term plans for the industry in the region?

Honestly we never really focus too hard on the short term plans as these are usually satisfied by the internal processes and we have a great support network globally and countless years and experts to assist with any new reactive or strategic implementations on a fast basis.

With regards to long term plans, we have just recently opened our state of the art test centre and we are able to showcase all of our latest products, the SelfCookingCenter, CombiMaster Plus, VarioCooking Center and the ConnectedCooking 2.0 allowing us to enhance the customer experience and give the opportunity to see the products live in a relaxed and professional environment.

We have developed our in-house application team with over seven chefs and have two technicians based locally to train and audit service teams ensuring highest quality service from our partners to the customers.


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