World-renowned Pastry Chef leads Boiron workshop at Chef Middle East Culinary Innovation Centre in Dubai

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by Patrick Ryan | Published 1 year ago

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Chef Middle East held a unique workshop in conjunction with some of the leading pastry chefs in the UAE to find out about the benefits of using products from Boiron.

Chef Michel Willaume in action during the workshop

Chef Michel Willaume in action during the workshop

“The idea is to suggest some new ideas and techniques that chefs in this region might not be familiar with.”

Juan L Lopez, head of category team with Chef Middle East said the event was a reinforcement of the company’s “commitment to the culinary community”.

“Our strategy is not just about having the right brands. It is about giving value to our customers and engaging with the right people to provide a value-added service.”

Chef Michel adds that the workshop was the perfect opportunity to educate the market about the Boiron brand – a subject he clearly feels passionate about.

“People always say that working with fresh fruit is the best solution but that isn’t often possible when you are working with different seasons,” he says.

“The problem is that – when working with frozen products – a lot of chefs have the mentality that the quality of the product is inferior because it is frozen.

“That’s where the use of frozen fruits and puree comes in. You don’t have to wait until next season, it can be on the shelf all year round if the customer asks for it.”

Another advantage to Boiron’s product that both Chef Michel and Florian Golhen are keen to flag up is the health benefit.

“As it contains natural sugar inside, you don’t have to add any sugar to it,” says Florian Golhen, who quite rightly is proud of the fact that his company’s product also contains no pesticides, no preservatives and no colouring agents.

“In the past few years, we’ve witnessed a huge emphasis on healthy options in restaurants, consumers pay a lot more attention to the ingredients and their origin nowadays. We are all in the same position really, we want to know what it is that we are eating.”

Chef Michel concurred.

“Now we have a range of purees that are 100% fruit,” he said.

“There is no added sugar. You can’t stress how important that is when we are living in an age of the lower the calories the better, it helps give chefs even more liberty.”

With diabetes levels rising across the world, Boiron’s emphasis on providing a healthy product is sure to be welcomed.

Another Boiron workshop is expected to take place around September in Dubai at the Chef Middle East Innovation Culinary Centre.

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