Attracting the right talent

by Dina Maaty | Published 9 months ago

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M D Warrier, managing director at Bin Eid Executive Search, gives us an in-depth look into recruitment challenges and the best ways to overcome them.

As an expert in the industry, what’s the top challenge you think this region is facing in terms of recruitment? Please elaborate.

Attracting adequately qualified, trained and experienced staff particularly in junior and supervisory levels in all disciplines is a formidable challenge in the current market situation. Of course, attracting senior level is not easy, but not as acute as with junior levels.

In addition, attracting and sourcing junior-level Arabic-speaking staff is a major task.

With this challenge, and others, what’s the solution you would recommend? Please elaborate.

I would recommend conscious efforts for-in house training so that employees feel confident about career progression. Though most organisations give preference to existing employees for internal promotion and transfers, this can be improved with skill development schemes along with routine trainings – an “earn and learn” policy.

Also, highly acceptable staff accommodation, and a competitive salary and benefits. Even implementing a longevity allowance is a good idea. This means, when employees complete five years (for example), a lump sum amount is paid so that employees will be attracted to stay with the employer. This is in addition to the statutory schemes governed by labour laws.

Also, creating awareness among GCC nationals about the scope and importance of jobs in the hospitality industry to encourage them to join can create lot of jobs. In addition, there’s the possibility of associating with hotel schools in different source markets to set up skill development centres with relevant syllabi to ensure the continuous flow of suitably qualified interns.

Create ample opportunities for career growth. Plus, training, skills development and opportunities for career progression within the organisation. Many organisations are doing this, but need to do much more. Moreover, make sure there’s a strong line of communication. Organisations should intensely educate employees about the mission, vision and financial goals.

When employees feel like they’re an integral part of the organisation, they’ll put in an effort for quality service and to maximise revenue with all possible channels. I have to acknowledge: some hotels are exemplary in doing this.

Finally, annual tickets for rank and file staff can be given as many budget airlines operate in the region. This will also will boost the airline industry to a great extent. Maybe, bearing 50 percent of annual airline expenses or deducting on pro rata basis if employees leave within the stipulated term.

Organisations should conduct a salary and compensation survey to ensure they’re in line with market dynamics, too.

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