Exclusive interview: Corporate Executive Chef, Trader Vic’s Global, Michael Broderick ahead of Taste the World in Dubai

by Dina Maaty | Published 5 months ago

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Polynesian restaurant Trader Vic’s JBR will be taking diners on a culinary journey as Chef Michael Broderick, corporate executive chef of Trader Vic’s global, sets sail to Dubai to serve up an internationally inspired menu from October 9-12 at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah.

Dishes at Taste of the World include Trip-Tip Toast, a signature oven-roasted beef, shaved over sourdough bread with parsley and garlic gremolata and Short Rib Loco Moco hailing from the shores of Hawaii. We interview Chef Broderick ahead of the dining experience:

Would you say that Polynesian cuisine is popular in this region?

I would say any cuisine that’s new and exciting or sparks great photos and conversation is what’s popular. We include bits of Polynesian cuisine, that for me drives the sharing factor that people love. We pride ourselves on incorporating elements from all of our locations and fusing that with a splash of Vic’s original creativeness.

What’s your story with Trader Vic’s? 

My story is pretty cut and dry; I got the opportunity to join the family in 2006 at the Trader Vic’s Atlanta, and the rest is history. I got inspired by the diverse cooking methods and unique tiki culture, which made it very easy to immerse myself in the brand.  My goal is continuing Vic’s dreams of providing fun and tasty food while creating new friends and memories.

What has inspired you to become a chef?

That’s easy, my grandmother. I saw the way she expressed her love for everyone through food and it really rubbed off on me.

Did you always want to become a chef? If not, what was your initial career ambition?

I have to say, I got into the game very young, so this has always been what I wanted to do.

What were some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced to date?

I would say the usual challenges that people face in any industry, mainly work-life balance. I tend to immerse myself in projects or new dishes; when I’m working, I forget about everything.

What would you say is the latest culinary trend, globally?  

People are looking for what I call “real” food. When people go out, they want less processed food, and more of the homemade factor. 

What’s the best part of cooking at Trader Vic’s?

I love it when I travel and get to meet all the different guest from around the world. Trader Vic’s is unique in that: we have many lifelong customers who plan their trips around the different locations which is very cool, because I get to see some of the same people, but in different parts of the world.

What are you signature dishes on the menu? 

I never like to say they’re my signature dishes. We always have what we call our core items on every menu. However, at each location, I like to work with the chef and draw inspiration from the region so that no two menus are exactly the same.

What can guests expect from your special menu at Trader Vic’s JBR?

The guest will get to enjoy dishes from our other locations that help drive the inspiration process, but more importantly I hope it puts a smile on their face and they leave with a full belly because that makes all the long hours and hard work worth it.

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