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by Dina Maaty | Published 1 year ago

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Chef Georges Chihane
Culinary Development Manager at Chef Middle East

Three experts from Chef Middle East tell us about the flavours and aromas of autumn, bringing you three season-inspired menu items.

What’s your autumn creation?

For this dish, I used fall-inspired ingredients such as root veggies, seasonal fruits, nature-faded pale colours, and with the hunting season in mind I used a goose’s three parts: breast, leg and liver, with three different cooking techniques. The dish is served with modern pumpkin gnocchi, a red plum goose liver mousse and roast-infused stock.

What ingredients did you use?

Working at Chef Middle East, I have the luxury of having access to a large basket of best-in-class brands that fit this season, starting with Upignac whole goose and parts, goose liver, pumpkin and red plum purees from Les vergers Boiron, to texturisers from Sosa Ingredients.

Why did you select these ingredients?

Goose is a fancy seasonal product for autumn, approaching Christmas and New Year. Les vergers Boiron purees are the most authentic and flavourful, very versatile products that can be used anywhere when using fruits and vegetables, and Sosa Ingredients for the ease of use and texture they bring to any dish.

What technique did you use, and do you have tips on how to enhance your recipe?

The goose legs were “confit” for four hours in infused clarified butter, the breast was cooked sous vide for 90 minutes and the liver was prepared the traditional way. As for the pumpkin gnocchi, it’s cooked with Sosa Promochi Kuzu, contain no eggs, flour or potato and the broth was created by roasting the goose bones infused with gingerbread spices. The plum and liver mousse were prepared with Sosa Proespuma Hot as a texturiser.

What makes this such a great dish?

It’s a very seasonal dish, using a full range of techniques and key ingredients and it simply tastes great. Ideal for a fine dining menu, it’s full of rich flavours and textures.

Chef Vincent Cockenpot
Pastry Chef & Trainer at Chef Middle East

What’s your autumn dessert inspiration?

For my fall-inspired dessert, I decided to make a cocoa crumble to represent the earth, topped with a crumble coated with Opalys chocolate that represents the rock inspired from my time living in Fontainebleau, France. I then created an egg-free ginger cream with a touch of liquorice pear sorbet to refresh the mouth. To finish, I added some chocolate garnish with a mushroom render as if you’re walking through a forest.

What ingredients did you use?

As Chef Georges mentioned, the beauty of working at Chef Middle East is that we have access to some of the world’s best ingredients. For my autumn dessert basket, I went with Opalys and cocoa powder from Valrhona, pear puree from Les vergers Boiron, Pro for the sorbet 5G, glucose powder, gelcrem cold, vegetal gelling, fish gelatin and pectin NH from Sosa Ingredients.

Why did you select these ingredients?

The decision to use the products from Valrhona, Sosa Ingredients and Les vergers Boiron was simple as they’re quite innovative and sourced by the best producers to ensure a top-quality result for any satisfying customer experience. These brands also provide great levels of support to chefs who need it.

What makes this such a great dessert?

Living in Dubai, this dish brings me back to those autumn days in the north of France. This dessert inherits popular qualities as it uses premium ingredients, it’s free of artificial colour, the sugar is well-balanced as are the textures – it’s crunchy, creamy, and there’s a pear sorbet quenelle to refresh the palate and reduce the sweetness of the dessert.

Tauland Hyka
Mixologist & Trainer at Chef Middle East

What beverage did you decide to create?

When I think of autumn, I think of golden leaves, hay piled up, the burning of the hay on the fields, the after-summer fruits and vegetables. I wanted to bring to life a drink that could have been a pumpkin or an apple pie, with hint of the autumn smoke and earthy notes.

What ingredients did you use?

There’s no shortage of amazing food ingredients, nor is there any of beverage ingredients as well at Chef Middle East. I decided to use James White Organic Apple Juice, pumpkin and lemon purees from Les vergers Boiron, Apple & Caramel Syrup from 1705 Cherry Rocher, Lemon-Mint-Orange Blossom Iced Tea from Nai, and Smoke Powder and Potato Whip from Sosa Ingredients.

Why did you select these ingredients?

All these ingredients remind me of autumn, and combining them comes down to the taste of the final drink, which leads us to the quality and consistency you can get when using organic.

What makes this such a great beverage?

When making a mixed beverage, not only is it important to deliver a message to guests, but also fabulous, unique taste. With the “Autumn Reminder” mocktail, you taste the freshness of the apple and deliciousness of the pumpkin, and aromas that bring you straight to those beautiful autumn afternoons. For me, this would be one of the most popular drinks on the menu. It’s creative, tastefully impactful and very Instagram-friendly.

Aiming to raise the “food” bar, Chef Middle East will host a one-of-a-kind event for F&B professionals, which revolves around an autumn theme, across four major cities starting in Dubai on October 14, then in Abu Dhabi on October 16, Muscat on October 21 and Doha on October 23.

Join to discover the latest kitchen solutions, meet an exciting line-up of industry professionals, see celebrity chefs in action and find out more about some of the best products available on the market at the Taste of Autumn event. www.chefmiddleeast.com

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