Hotel News ME Procurement Conference: Quality can only be assured in relationship with suppliers

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by Dina Maaty | Published 5 years ago

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In the second expert session of the inaugural Hotel News ME Procurement Conference, held earlier today in the Grosvenor House hotel, Dubai, Paul Feeney, head of sourcing and development at Mohebi Logistics, examined whether new software solutions really simplified the buying process.

Feeney told delegates: “To many, quality just means whether a supplier has HACCP and ISO, but at Mohebi Logistics we believe it goes much deeper, that by working together we can woFeeneyrk to ensure the products are safe.
“As a buyer you have a hard job because there are thousands of suppliers and they all claim to have the best products.”

Feeney stressed that quality assurance plays a role throughout the entire product cycle. “At Mohebi Logistics, we balance quality versus cost. Because everything comes at a cost, we must work off quality from the start.

“Many suppliers can be filtered out from the start by working with quality assurance teams in terms of the way suppliers work and the practices they have in place. You can then categorise suppliers by risk in terms of the high, medium and low risk suppliers.”

It is imperative that purchasing managers understand where the food has come from in terms of who is supplying the supplier and whether they can assure regular quality supplies. To assist purchasing managers there are several useful tools, including a pre-qualification questionnaire to enforce a minimum supplier requirement. “At Mohebi Logistics, we understand the entire supply chain and that means supplier visits and audits – there really is no substitute,” added Feeney.

According to Feeney, a purchaser is an ambassador for the company, “Having the right attitude drives value to your business and brings the right suppliers to your door.”

“Purchasers must ensure a continuous supply of produce, source at a sustainable and competitive price and from a safe and reliable source in a manner that supports your operations. Ultimately by being interested in quality management systems you are securing the satisfaction of your guests and protecting your brand,” said Feeney.

He added: “Most importantly, you must pay a fair price and depend on a relationship with your supplier. If you spot buy you are more likely to be treated in a less sustainable way.”

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