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by Dina Maaty | Published 1 year ago

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When it’s rush hour in the kitchen, everything has to move quickly – including cleaning. As soon as the casserole is done, a quick interim clean is due, and then it’s onto the production of dessert.

On the menu today: rice pudding. It’s of great benefit if nothing sticks to the pan and everything is clean again in just a few minutes.

Milk dishes are considered favourites, especially for younger guests, but that’s not the case for the kitchen staff. First, they need to make sure that nothings sticks or boils over, and then it’s the matter of cleaning the pot or boiler.

This is where multifunctional cooking appliances such as the Rational VarioCookingCenter show their strength. “To understand the benefits of the technology, you need to take a look inside the appliance,” says Adrien Masson, operative product management VarioCookingCenter director, EMEA.

“The patented VarioBoost heating system quickly distributes heat over the pan base and evenly onto the food. On the command of the built-in cooking intelligence, the system withdraws the heat at the appropriate time to prevent sticking and boiling over, which in turn means the pan remains much cleaner,” he adds.

According to Rational Middle East, the consumption of water and chemicals is up to 15 times lower as a result, in comparison to conventional appliances such as tilting fryers or boiling pans.

Back to the rice pudding example. Here too, Masson explains: “In our VarioCookingCenter 311, you can cook 120 litres of rice pudding with no supervision. Then, for the clean, you need ten litres of water, around ten millilitres of rinsing agent and four minutes of your working time.”

In addition to saving on resources, Rational also guarantees simpler handling as the VarioCookingCenter has an integrated water drain, and so the dirty water goes directly into the drains. There’s no need for a floor drain.

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