Rational: How intelligent cooking systems transform kitchens

by Dina Maaty | Published 3 months ago

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Cooks know what they want: Meat with a charred crust and juicy bite, the vegetables crisp and healthy, and pasta al dente, say experts at Rational.

A lot of knowledge and experience is required to continuously achieve the desired goal. And it’s always necessary to overcome obstacles such as fluctuations in food quality, too few specialists and too much time pressure.

According to the foodservice supplier, the trend towards intelligent cooking systems is becoming increasingly apparent. One example of this is the new iCombi Pro combi-steamer from Rational, which with its cooking intelligence supports chefs, relieves them of routine tasks and delivers the desired result at the touch of a button.

“Food production has never been easier,” explains Thomas Hofer, Managing Director RATIONAL Kitchen & Catering Equipment Trading FZCO. “That’s because intelligent cooking systems think ahead and adapt as environmental conditions change.”

With the new iCombo Pro combi-steamer from Rational, for example, the cook only has to select the desired cooking result on the display at the start of the cooking process, such as browning from light to dark or cooking degree from rare to well done. The iCookingSuite cooking intelligence does the rest for fish and meat, as well as vegetables and side dishes.

This simplicity is made possible by intelligent sensors in the cooking cabinet, which detect the size, quantity and condition of food. Depending on cooking progress, cooking parameters such as temperature, cooking cabinet climate, air speed and cooking time are regularly adjusted to the desired result.   

The key to cooking intelligence is hidden in the Maillard reaction. This describes the chemical browning reaction that affects the taste, texture and smell of food. It typically occurs during roasting, baking or grilling.

For the iCombi Pro, Rational has decoded this formula and translated it into an intelligent algorithm. This ensures that the iCookingSuite has everything under such intelligent control that the desired result is reliably achieved without wasting time, energy or raw materials. Moreover, without the need for control and monitoring by the staff.

As Hofer says: “With the iCookingSuite, the cook can delegate unpleasant routine tasks to his cooking system and still have everything under control.”

Rational experts highlight, the chef then has more time for creativity. Hence, the attractiveness of the profession increases, which makes it easy to bring variety in reliable quality to the table.

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