Rational: Playing it safe with ergonomics at work

by Dina Maaty | Published 2 months ago

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Bending, lifting, hauling, burning – are all unfortunately still part of everyday life in the kitchen for many. According to Rational, the new iVario replaces the tilting fryer, boiling pan, deep-fat fryer and all kinds of pots and pans.

Unheated pan edges, ergonomic height adjustment and an automatic lifting and lowering function for boiling and deep-frying baskets makes life easier and can even protect against musculoskeletal diseases. But how did such innovations emerge?

“Rational looked at the kitchens of this world, asked for improvement suggestions and created many practice-oriented solutions on this basis,” says Thomas Hofer, Managing Director RATIONAL Kitchen & Catering Equipment Trading FZCO, to summarise development work.

The iVario then become as ergonomic, labour-saving and efficient as had been imagined by the company. For example, it only heats the pan base so the pan edges stay cool protecting the user against unpleasant burns. The rounded corners also prevent injuries such as cutting and impact injuries.

Bending, hauling and incorrect posture are some of the most frequent causes of back pain and can result in musculoskeletal diseases. The development of the iVario has come to put an end to this. This has been achieved with features such as the automatic water inlet and drain and the optimal height adjustment, whereby the working height of the iVario can be adjusted by up to 200 mm in 16 seconds. This means both short and tall people can work just as comfortably.

Then, there is the easy emptying function, which Hofer explains: “The iVario pan is designed so that it can be emptied perfectly and the container does not need to be shifted underneath the drain. This means there are no spillages and the back is protected.”

Foods that are boiled or deep-fried in baskets do not need to be laboriously scooped out of the liquid with a ladle, but are automatically lifted out at the right time with the AutoLift, the raising and lowering function in the iVario.

The right timing is also very important for delicate food such as rice pudding. Thanks to the cooking intelligence of the iVario, nothing burns or boils over and thanks to the integrated hand shower, it is effortless to clean, add the experts. This saves labour and time. The pan can be tilted towards the user so they can reach into the last corner without bending.

Rational aims to enable efficient and error-free work and make the working day just a little bit more pleasant. Working without stress and safely means less downtime, greater productivity and higher efficiency. At the same time, playing it safe also improves staff motivation.

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