Cultured meat industry could disrupt trillion dollar global market, IDTechEx experts say

by Dina Maaty | 17 Nov 2020

Cultured meat, otherwise known as cultivated or cell-based meat, is an emerging technology which uses lab-grown cells to create products without requiring animal slaughter, potentially avoiding the environmental problems of conventional agriculture. Unlike many of today’s meat alternatives, cultured meat has the potential to create a product that is completely identical to conventional meat, containing

GCC fast-casual dining sees growth as F&B battles coronavirus headwinds, KPMG report reveals

by Dina Maaty | 12 Nov 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented several challenges for the regional food and beverage industry. KPMG’s latest publication 2019–2020 GCC Food & Beverage Report – Recipe for Resilience examines the current state of the sector, highlighting opportunities, trends and emerging growth areas. The fifth edition of KPMG’s annual Food and Beverage report was expanded this year

Rational: Managing supplies and getting quality results in the kitchen

by Dina Maaty | 11 Nov 2020

Consistent high quality, uniform cooking results and the efficient use of supplies are a must in out-of-home catering, say experts at Rational. To ensure this for 20 or 2,000 meals, many chefs rely on intelligent kitchen technology. An example of how this works and what results can be achieved can be showcased through the new

Five bets for the next five years: Technology transformations in the restaurant business

by Dina Maaty | 03 Nov 2020

By Phil Le-BrunEnterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services (AWS) During my career in the restaurant business, technology went from being a standalone, assembly-language based point-of-sale system with limited functionality and importance to a highly integrated, mission-critical ecosystem. Looking back, much of the timing and nature of this evolution was not predictable, but there were certain

Quick in-between and still clean: How intelligent cooking systems increase productivity

by Dina Maaty | 16 Sep 2020

In the professional kitchen, speed and efficiency are paramount, but must not be at the expense of other factors such as food quality or hygiene, say Rational experts. This is why cooking systems are increasingly in demand which, even after grilling and braising, are quickly available for other applications such as steaming or baking. This

Opinion: How the F&B experience is changing in the wake of COVID-19

by Dina Maaty | 03 Sep 2020

By CEO/Founder, Dan Bolton Creative Management Agency  As the world starts to emerge from its self-imposed slumber, the landscape we left is very different from the one where we find ourselves in today. If you were to listen to the mainstream media and the constant drip feed of doom and gloom about the state of

Opinion: How to keep a clean counter

by Dina Maaty | 24 Aug 2020

Serah Ngunya, head of soft services at the Dubai Municipality-approved Hitches & Glitches, outlines the best ways to clean kitchen surfaces and avoid cross-contamination. As Dubai’s hotels and restaurants start to reopen their doors once more to visitors from around the world, the maintenance and cleaning company reveals some measures that can be implemented to

Rational: Intelligent cooking systems in commercial kitchens and sustainability

by Dina Maaty | 18 Aug 2020

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in the gastronomy sector. After all, for many guests, the responsible use of resources is a criterion through which they choose their venue and food, says Rational. At the same time, investors are increasingly demanding verifiable sustainability before they include a company in their portfolio. Not to forget:

Hospitality Insights: An overview by Chef Middle East

by Dina Maaty | 11 Aug 2020

Among the foodservice and HORECA industries’ strategic partners, in this exclusive interview, Chef Middle East’s management team CEO Steve Pyle, Head of Sales & Category Georges Louis, and Head of Supply Chain & Procurement Alwin Andrews share their insights on the hospitality industry in the wake of and post-COVID-19. How has the COVID-19 pandemic altered

Post-COVID travel is set to become smarter, VFS Global digital head says

by Dina Maaty | 04 Aug 2020

By: Benjamin Boesch, Head – Digital and eCommerce, VFS GlobalPost-COVID travel is set to become smarter. Here’s how. International travel is an undeniable part of our lives. Whether it was work-related or leisurely time-off, it growingly became a familiar and frequent experience. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought this billion-dollar industry to an unprecedented halt.

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