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by Dina Maaty | Published 1 year ago

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By: Hiba Naz Khan

In a city as vibrant as Dubai, residents are never short of options when it comes to lounges and fine-dining experiences, but once in a while there’s always that one spot that just takes it to another level and that’s exactly what Eve Penthouse in Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights Hotel is all about.

Located on the 34th floor and situated in the heart of city, the gorgeous panoramic view from the terrace overlooks the beauty of Dubai, both old and new.

While the recent heat wave may not get you excited about the breathtaking views from the 34th floor, for the summer months, Eve has arranged for a covered rooftop area to protect everyone from the summer scourge.

Described as an inimitable rooftop lounge, Eve lived up to every bit of its hype and offers an assortment of delicacies and a diverse blend of exotic liquid treasures that are definitely suited for all palates.

Their Friday sunset brunch offers an alluring food platter. From sushi to dim sum, to some of the finest French pastries and desserts, the brunch is definitely an unforgettable experience that just puts the cherry on top of the perfect weekend sundae.

The entire atmosphere is further livened by an in-house DJ who blares out some of the best tunes to get you in Weekend mode, but doesn’t get too loud or intrusive that you’re unable to hear the person seated across from you on the table.

Despite its lavish décor, exotic bites and an air of classic opulence, there definitely is a cosy and comfortable kind of feel to the lounge, the kind that makes you lose track of time and just saturates you with a warm sense of gladness which is much-needed after a hectic week of work.

All in all, the whole allure of the lounge lies within its very unique concept, which is extremely well-executed. Eve Penthouse and Lounge isn’t just marketed as a chic place to hang out in Dubai, but is personified as a woman who embodies Gatsbyesque mystique.

All she really wants is for everyone to have a mere glimpse of her life, one of luxurious decadence, and while she goes on to satiate her wanderlust-filled soul, she doesn’t want her fabulous penthouse to remain vacant, but rather for it to be filled with joy and music for others.

Bearing the concept in mind, it’s no surprise that going to Eve is more like paying a visit to a long-lost friend. So, whether it’s a casual gathering of a few friends or a more intimate meal with a loved one, the Lounge is ideal for all settings; having experienced it first-hand, we can definitely attest to the fact that Eve does indeed throw the best parties.   

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