Video: Improve indoor air quality with Eolisair at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 21 Oct 2019

On The Hotel Show: This is our first time here and we’re glad to participate and raise awareness over indoor purification. In the UAE, 20-25% of the population suffers from asthma, allergies and breathing problems – key statistics for hospitality. However, there’s a new solution now. On products: Our main product is the professional air

Video: Sustainable lifestyle solutions with The Goodness Company at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 21 Oct 2019

On the company: The Goodness Company is a sustainable lifestyle brand for consumers and businesses, and the HORECA industry. This is the first time we’re here, as we’ve been seeing an increase in demand from HORECA, and we’re exhibiting sustainable lifestyle solutions. On products: Our star product is the flagship line Chocolatier, which has no

Video: $20,000 luxury coffee machines with DUTCH LAB at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 17 Oct 2019

DUTCH LAB is Design Rangers’ coffee tool brand. The company specialises in cold drip coffee brewers (cold brew coffee or Dutch coffee) with majestic, luxurious designs. Coffee is now an essential part of many people’s daily and busy lives. New discoveries are always underway in search for better taste and efficiency for consumers. Coffee-making methods

Video: Waste treatment breakthroughs with Emerson at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 13 Oct 2019

On the company: I work for Emerson, the company behind the InSinkErator, part of our solutions for food waste and water dispenser technology. The Hotel Show is one of the oldest platforms, it’s nice to be back. We as a company have been participating, and are always keen on visiting. On the market: Every market

Video: Sanitation and hygiene solutions with TCL at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 10 Oct 2019

Technical Chemical Laboratories (TCL) specialises in producing and supplying chemicals for the sanitation and hygiene of hospitals and health providers. The company’s clients include 5-star hotels, hospitals and food production processing companies as well as large-scale garment factories. It imports raw materials from the Clariant division of Hoeschst Germany and Raudiac France. Established in 1976,

Video: Shining bright with Boxlite at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 01 Oct 2019

Boxlite was designed to replace paraffin-based candles and oil lamps within restaurants, hotels, bars, and other business that rely heavily on up-selling through promotions. Do you have an image you you really like? Or do you run a café and need an appealing and updated menu to put the spotlight on your best offers? With

Video: The importance of a restaurant’s final touches with Table and Beyond at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 01 Oct 2019

Table and Beyond was founded in 2016 in Dubai. A young, dynamic business, the company works with some of the biggest brands in hospitality, supplying hotels and restaurants with a range of products. On the company: We’re specialised in supplying hotels with operating equipment, and believe in art of hospitality; I always say, what about the

Video: From A to Z with International Hotel Supply Company at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 01 Oct 2019

For over 150 years, American Hotel and International Hotel Supply Company have spurred the growth of hospitality by building strong relationships and providing the broadest selection of products. On the company: Our company is the biggest hospitality group in the world; we design, develop, produce and distribute hotel-related products. We have our own brand, and

Video: Top Polish suppliers with Pomerania Development Agency Co. at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 01 Oct 2019

Pomerania Development Agency Co. was among Poland’s pioneers for regional development, launching its activities in 1992, through which businesses representing vital sectors support the economy. On The Hotel Show: Today, we’re exhibiting products from the best companies at the Pomeranian province. From hotels to interior designers, we expect the industry to be headed towards art

Video: Unmatched purity with MonViso water at The Hotel Show 2019

by Dina Maaty | 30 Sep 2019

In 2018, MonViso launched the 750 ml and 375 ml glass bottles for MonViso Italian Natural Mineral Water, with both still and sparkling options. The company aimed for a minimalistic design for the bottles, as it wanted to ensure the product would stand out based on its properties: springs from the highest source in Europe

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