One Click sees surge in demand for contactless delivery amid coronavirus concerns

by Dina Maaty | Published 7 months ago

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One Click Delivery Services, one of the fastest-growing last-mile digital solution companies, has reported a sharp increase in demand, as public health organisations announce further safety measures in light of coronavirus-related developments.

Here, we interview One Click Delivery Services Operations Director Ian Caron, who reveals how the company has been following strict guidelines while helping the industry maximise revenue through alternative solutions.

Tell us a bit more about how delivery services are the go-to solution amid the current coronavirus pandemic, and how they will help companies and businesses cope and manage costs and revenue.
In the light of the circumstances, it’s better for people to remain in isolation and limit public exposure in order to mitigate contamination. Delivery is safer as less and less customers have to leave their homes and gather in restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.

During our delivery process, we implement stringent hygiene protocols which are in line with the Ministry of Health.

Through our delivery services, which vary across multiple verticals, we’re helping businesses maintain a revenue stream despite having to close their doors. Many restaurants are also counting on deliveries now, as less and less customers come for dine-in, in fear of contamination. We’re helping as many businesses as possible stay afloat.

How is One Click Delivery Services helping the F&B market and restaurant businesses amid the current global health crisis?
Our deliveries support restaurants in shifting the revenue stream from dine-in to deliveries, while helping grocery stores deal with the influx of orders. It helps all businesses manage their fleets better in order to retain customers and increase satisfaction during peak times.

What procedures and health precautions do you have in place to ensure that your deliveries are safe, seamless and convenient? 
There are many steps we’ve taken to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all. Firstly, COVID-19 Training Awareness, where One Click drivers are continually being trained on respiratory hygiene best practice, proper methods and the frequency of washing their hands, as well as identifying associated symptoms.

We emphasise respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene, providing Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, hand sanitisers, and gloves, and advise drivers to wash their hands as frequently as possible, shielding coughs and sneezes with a tissue elbow (not their bare hands).

Each driver is given multiple masks and gloves to be changed continuously, with each delivery. They are also given sanitisers, which they are instructed to use throughout the day.

One Click Delivery also actively encourages sick employees to stay home – should they notice any associated symptoms. They would be asked to self-quarantine for the recommended period of time. To ensure financial safety, we’re committed to supporting employees in such cases with the help of our medical insurance partners.

Candidates are required to undergo a background check on travel history and are declared fit to work from accredited healthcare centres or hospitals. We evaluate and screen the driver’s temperature during pre-shift to ensure that they don’t have any symptoms and are fit to work.

We also perform Service Vehicle Cleaning Routing, certifying that delivery drivers clean and disinfect their vehicles and food bags on a frequent basis, and confirming that they have hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes.

One Click drivers are advised to avoid physical contact greetings; we ensure strict compliance to the no-contact delivery policy. We have a knock-and-drop policy implemented. If the order was prepaid, the driver knocks on the customer’s door, places the package on the floor and takes multiple steps back in order to avoid coming in close contact with the customer.

Drivers are also trained to hold the packages differently now (from the bottom only, or from the sides – depending on the package) in order to avoid placing their hands on the same areas where the customer’s hands would be.

As for convenience, with our SaaS LMD, customers can manage the fleets the way they see fit. They can re-allocate drivers from one branch to another, and use route optimisation to make sure drivers and riders take the fastest route and deliver food or packages as quickly as possible, all while keeping track of their status. It gives them total control over the delivery process, and they can optimise when needed.

What are some of the most unique features you have implemented in general, and other more specific ones in light of the current crisis?
The most unique aspect of our company is our different solutions. We create digital solutions that complement one other and every last-mile delivery phase. From the fleet and fleet management software, to customer acquisition software and digital post boxes – there isn’t an aspect of the last-mile delivery that’s not covered and enhanced by our solutions.

We’re also extremely flexible when it comes to our services. We customise solutions for all clients, regardless of the size of their business. Cutting-edge solutions combined with flexibility are what makes us unique. Not only are we proud of our technology, but also the brains behind it.

In light of the crisis, our agility and adaptability have been our unique features. We’re adapting to a new pace ourselves and trying to remain as efficient and safe as possible during these times.

How are you helping consumers, on the other side of the global challenge?
In light of the crisis, we’re able to reach as many customers as possible with our different verticals: groceries, meals, drugstore products, couriers and more. Customers don’t need to shop themselves, they can stay home in order to keep their families safe and healthy.

Our speedy and hygienic deliveries also reassure customers that they can get whatever they need, whenever they need it, helping them keep calm, and avoiding the need to rush to stores in panic.

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