Rational launches space-saving iVario 2-XS

by Dina Maaty | Published 3 months ago

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Rational has launched the new iVario 2-XS. The two-pan cooking system, which works with contact heat, is productive even in small spaces, takes on routine tasks and also appeals to smaller establishments.

The cornerstone is iVarioBoost the first intelligent energy management system, which regulates the heat over the entire surface and has sufficient reserve capacity to sear 4.5 kg of casserole meat in 6.5 minutes including the preheating phase.

The cooking intelligence iCookingSuite detects the condition and size of the food and regulates the cooking path so that intervention is only needed if the cooking system calls.

The iVario 2-XS consists of two pans each with a 2/3 GN base surface and a 17-litre capacity. The unit comes with a full package of accessories, so that excellent results can be achieved from the very first minute.

“Boiling, pan-frying and deep-frying on a small surface, powerful, precise and flexible, that was our objective in the development of the iVario 2-XS,” explains Thomas Hofer, Managing Director RATIONAL Kitchen & Catering Equipment Trading FZCO.

The small unit with iVarioBoost heats up to 200° in less than two minutes and has enough reserve capacity to sear even larger quantities without the release of liquids. The heat is distributed so evenly and it is regulated so quickly that delicate foods such as rice pudding do not stick or boil over.

iVarioBoost consists of patented ceramic heating elements, which are firmly attached to the scratch-resistant pan base and evenly distributed. This makes the iVario 2-XS 4 times faster and consumers 40 % less electricity compared to conventional technology.

The iCookingSuite, which is the cooking intelligence, is responsible for ensuring consistent cooking results. Sensors detect the quantity and condition of the food, and regulate the cooking parameters accordingly so that the desired result can be achieved without the user having to do much.

“The iVario Pro eliminates the need for checking and monitoring,” says Hofer. One example is the AutoLift, the automatic raising and lowering mechanism, which automatically raises and lowers the food from and into the cooking liquid.

To guarantee maximum flexibility on a small surface, the iVario 2-XS has two pans which can be heated differently. The display in the middle of the cooking system is clearly arranged so that the user can view both pans at the same time.

In addition to the operating modes for meat, fish, poultry or side dishes, the user can now select cooking methods such as frying pan or deep-fat fryer. The compact unit also comes with iZoneControl as an option, whereby the cooking system can be divided into up to four zones, which can be of any shape and size and which can be heated differently. This is especially a great help in à la carte.

With the corresponding stand, the iVario 2-XS is height-adjustable, the corners are rounded and the pan edge stays cold. Since nothing sticks, it is easy to clean, normally in two minutes. Various setup variations such as integration in a kitchen line, on the worktop or the stand make the cooking system extremely adaptable.

The iVario 2-XS comes with a full package of accessories such as the arm for the automatic raising and lowering function, boiling and deep-frying basket, spatula, pan base grid and sieve.

Interested parties will soon be able to experience the iVario 2-XS live at the More Tour 2020, and dates will be available on rational-online.com.

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